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ealenglish provides tuition that is suitable and convenient for each student. Whatever your level, nationality or age, this service offers a personalised teaching plan & timetable that is designed to improve and develop your individual learning objectives.

What ealenglish offers-

  • ealenglish aims to promote a positive study experience that increases confidence and language ability through motivated learning...
  • Lessons can be taught one to one or as a small group, the aim is to assist and create individual study programmes for each student's learning objectives.
  • Tuition offers flexible study timetables to suit the student, and situated in central Bournemouth is local to the town's many language schools providing additional or main language support.
  • ealenglish offers a free assessment between the teacher and student to establish level and to discuss their learning requirements. Additionally learning materials from a range of language books and resources are provided, or if the student prefers, they can include their own language books.

The primary aim of ealenglish tuition is to enhance each student's study experience through an individual language plan. Students are encouraged to learn in practical, academic and professional tasks that incorporate the language focus into real situations.
Through this learning, students can assess their level of learning, identify their strengths and weaknesses and broaden their cultural awareness and knowledge; students gain confidence and improve with an increased ability in all areas of their language skills.

Tuition- lessons

All Levels- Beginner-Elementary/ Pre-Intermediate/ Intermediate/ Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced
Lower Levels- Beginner/ Pre-Intermediate
Mid-Levels- Pre-Intermediate/ Intermediate
Higher Levels- Upper-Intermediate/ Advanced

'General English'- All Levels

General English tuition is a great way to improve your English at any level. Whatever your reason for language study (school, university, work) these lessons will focus on all language skills including:

Conversation- Speaking Reading, writing & listening skills Vocabulary Grammar Pronunciation- linguistic assistance

'Everyday English'- Lower/Mid-levels

Everyday English focuses on basic communication and comprehension skills allowing students to interact and use their English language in practical situations for day to day life. This option is popular for families, adults and children who wish to improve their English whilst living in the U.K. It includes:

Conversation Specified vocabulary Reading & writing skills Pronunciation - linguistic assistance Cultural awareness
Activity 'practice' days- excursions Practice for UK Citizenship test (if becoming a UK citizen)

'Exam English'- Mid-Upper levels

Exam English is perfect if you wish to pass a language examination or study in further education such as university. Lessons are structured to improve your English academically and practically and focus on skills required for exams such as F.C.E and I.E.L.T.S. These include:

Speaking Reading, writing & listening skills Vocabulary Grammar Pronunciation- linguistic assistance Cultural awareness Practice exam tests

'Business English'- Upper levels

Business English is aimed at professionals and university students who require professional language awareness and development. Students are encouraged to learn academically and practically, focusing on specialised language and protocol within their career/ working environment. This includes:

Conversation- professional command of spoken English Reading, writing & listening skills Specialised vocabulary (professional- formal)
Presentation , interview & meeting techniques- skills C.V practice-writing Cultural awareness

The 'Private Teacher'- My experience...

Teaching English as an additional language began through an aspiration to travel and experience living in other parts of the world.
What began as a tool to travel and work evolved into a passion to work with other nationalities and to enhance, encourage and develop their English language skills.

My experience of teaching English as a foreign language has consisted of 12 years EAL teaching in Bournemouth (U.K) and abroad. I have taught in language schools, mainstream secondary schools and have specialised in private tuition. This has consisted of general to exam focused lessons to a range of nationalities, ages and backgrounds requiring various methods of study to achieve the student's goals and objectives.

These have included summer based schools specialising in courses for school students from Germany, France and Russia. General English for professional and university based students from: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Asia and the Middle East, and Business English for many nationalities that often had strong professional and academic motivation. I have also taught in South Korea, China and Japan in educational institutions and privately.

The responsibilities within my experience have centred upon identifying the student's individual learning needs and devising suitable teaching methods in accordance to their language objectives. The main aim of my teaching has been to expand the student's general English, to teach specific student focused vocabulary and to develop communication and comprehension.

I have been keen to encourage learning through fun, practical and innovative exercises. In achieving this, my aim has been to build the student's confidence academically and emotionally and to support them whilst studying English/ living in the U.K. Through teaching, assessing both the student's personal and academic wellbeing has been considerable and has demanded excellent interpersonal and communication skills at all levels.

As a result, teaching English as a foreign language has allowed me to develop my knowledge and experience and has attributed to my interest and enthusiasm of other cultures and nationalities. This has broadened my teaching techniques and furthered my understanding of the student's learning and welfare which is crucial in enhancing the study experience.

BA (Hons) English & Film
C.E.L.T.A (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)
(Am fully CRB disclosed)

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